Self Employed Expenses Explained! Part 1

Knowing exactly what you can and can’t claim for on your tax return can be quite confusing.  It’s also easy to miss things if you don’t know about them! In our series of self employed guides, here are 3 of the most common expenses explained….. Mileage If you are using your own car for your […]

Casual Labour

A question which crops up quite regularly, in different ways, is ‘how much can I pay someone for casual labour?’ There was a time in the dim and distant past that HMRC had a more relaxed approach to short term or ad-hoc workers, and ‘cas lab’ was regularly a feature in business accounts. Since the […]

Keeping Paperwork

A question that regularly crops up is how long paperwork should be kept for. Keeping paperwork is incredibly important, if HMRC wants to enquire into your tax return you need to have the evidence to support your income and expense figures.  The types of documents that should be retained include; Invoices you’ve created Bank/credit card […]

Who are BBK Accounts?

BBK Accounts was originally started by owner Jenny Coffin in 1999. The business started as a sole trader in a spare bedroom, and then over time as the business grew we moved into an office (well, many actually over the years), became a limited company, and built a team. This is the same journey that […]

Minimum Wage 2022

As you may be aware the National Minimum & Living Wage changes each April. The rates for the 2022/23 tax year (effective 6th April) are as follows; Age 23 and over £9.50 (previously £8.91) Age 21-22 £9.18 (previously £8.36) Age 18-20 £6.83 (previously £6.56) Under 18 £4.81 (previously £4.62) Apprentice £4.81 (previously £4.30) It is […]

Crypto Crypto Crypto – Should I invest? Everyone is making a killing!

This one I can’t answer for you, I’m not regulated or insured for investment advice and it’s not my place to advise you on whether to invest in something.  There is a lot of advice on the internet, however like anything you read on the internet you should always fact check it before relying on […]