Our Services

Information on our full range of services is shown below.  It is our aim to ensure that you are paying the correct amount of tax, and claiming all of the available allowances.  We’re not here to help you dodge tax or artificially reduce your tax liabilities – despite what your ‘mate down the pub’s’ accountant might do for him!

It’s also important to remember that although you can plan ahead to manage your tax liability in the most efficient way, we can’t wave a magic wand and mend something that has already happened and not turned out in the way that you had hoped or intended it to – always take advice before making a financial decision – not after!


We can do as little or as much of this as you would like.  Bookkeeping can be a time consuming task, and certainly one that is not the best use of a business owners time. Some clients like to manage their own sales invoices and debt chasing, whilst we look after the outgoings; others prefer us to do absolutely everything. We will work with you to find the right cloud based software and balance of responsibilities for your business.

We can also provide you with a receipt scanning app to make providing your information even faster and easier!


VAT is probably the most complex tax out there, yet for some reason it’s the one that business owners often mistake as the simplest.  Errors can be costly, especially if you’ve been making that same error for several years before it is discovered. Do you feel that you have adequate knowledge of all the aspects of VAT to manage this yourself?  If we are doing your bookkeeping we will automatically look after your VAT returns for you. Our software is fully compliant for MTD for VAT. If you are doing your own bookkeeping we can provide a VAT checking and submission service to pick up any obvious errors or a full VAT audit to thoroughly check all aspects.  We are also happy to provide advice on specific VAT questions.

Year End Statutory Accounts

Your company will require a set of these each year, even if it is not trading (dormant). 

Statutory accounts have to be prepared in a specific manner, a specific format, and submitted in a specific way, it’s not an area you want to try and sort out for yourself.

Once we have all of the required information from you (if you are a bookkeeping client we will already have the majority of it), we will prepare your accounts, send them to you for review along with any useful notes, and then submit them electronically to Companies House.

Corporation Tax

Following on from the statutory accounts service, we will also produce your corporation tax return and calculation, taking into account all of the tax reliefs and allowances that are relevant to your company.  We will advise you how much tax you need to pay, when, and how, all with plenty of time before you actually need to make the payment.

In association with one of our trusted partners we can also assist with submitting R&D claims.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

Many individuals need to file a personal tax return each year. This can contain a wide variety of income types, including PAYE and dividend income, rental properties, pensions, child benefit, interest, foreign income, proceeds of crypto investments, and many more.  Once you complete our annual checklist we will ensure that we obtain all of the relevant information from you to prepare your correct personal tax liability.

Payroll, RTI and Auto-Enrolment pensions

If your staff have a fixed wage, never go off sick, never have babies, don’t need to be furloughed, or any of the other myriad of issues that can crop up in the world of payroll, then you might feel that your payroll is quite straightforward. In reality of course all of these things do happen, plus there is minimum wage and living wage to consider, attachments to earnings, advance payments or accidental overpayments, and of course  the calculation of employee and employer pension contributions.  It’s a job best outsourced and we are fully up to date with all of the payroll legislation to ensure that everything is done correctly. Managing auto-enrolment pensions, including setting up schemes and re-enrolment, is also covered

CIS Returns

If you operate in the construction industry you should be aware of the requirement to verify all subcontractors that work for you, and to make tax deductions from their invoices.  There are few exceptions from this rule and in addition you may need to make allowances for material purchases, VAT etc.  We can look after all of this for you.  We provide a simple form for your subbies to register their details, we then verify them with HMRC and advise you of their correct tax deduction rate.  Once a month we will issue them with their Tax Deduction Certificate, file your CIS300 with HMRC and advise you how much tax you need to pay over to HMRC and by when. The timescales for CIS returns are quite tight and the penalties can mount up quickly, so this is definitely one to keep on top of!

CIS Reclaims

Whether or not you have subbies working for you, your own company may well be a subcontractor for a larger company, and may receive its income after deduction of tax.

This information has to be reported to HMRC monthly, and then at the end of each tax year we can look how to best make use of this money.  It may be that it offsets the tax liability from your CIS or PAYE scheme, or we may want to allocate it to an outstanding VAT or Corporation Tax liability. There are lots of options and we will manage this to ensure it provides the most efficient outcome for your company.
We can also provide guidance on applying for Gross Status, and when it is or isn’t, a good idea.

Making Tax Digital

You may be aware of the term from adverts on tv. MTD for VAT started in April 2019, becomes mandatory in April 2022, and for individuals (MTDfITSA) it is intended to start in April 2024.  Where we submit your VAT returns for you they will be MTD compliant; if you are looking after your own VAT then you would need to be aware of the digital requirements for this scheme.  

We are currently developing a MTD for individuals process as more details emerge from HMRC, and will look to start rolling this out in 2022 – keep an eye on our newsletter and news page for more info.

Management Accounting

Annual accounts are due nine months after your year end, so the information contained in them is almost obsolete by the time the deadline comes round in terms of making decisions about your business.  Bookkeeping is all well and good as a mechanism for calculating VAT, but what else can you do with those numbers?  Have you got a profitable business but no actual cash in the bank? Do you know how much it actually costs to run your business or provide a specific product or service? Management accounts provide the answers to these questions and many more. The aim of management accounts is to provide regular current financial information about what is happening in your business. We have a range of options from monitoring a few key points, up to preparing a full detailed analysis, at regular intervals. We can provide insights into your business and have regular review meetings to help you improve your cashflow and profitability.

Cloud Bookkeeping Software

Are you already using online bookkeeping software and have run into problems?  Do you want to move online but have no idea where to start? We can help with both of those.  From advising you which software is best for your needs, to getting you up and running, or doing a ‘clean up’ job to get you back on the straight and narrow, we’ve got it covered. Our preferred software partners are Quickfile, Quickbooks and Xero although we do have experience with a wide range of other names.  We can provide ongoing support for any of our preferred softwares or we can help convert you from your existing package to one that we can support.

Finance Director

For those requiring a higher level of support we also provide a complete Finance Director function which can involve a substantial amount of input and include attending board meetings to discuss company financial matters.  We only offer this level of support to a limited number of clients at any one time.  Pricing for this starts at £850+VAT per month.